Please review all employment agreement statements listed below and sign at the end.

Revised 16/24/2020

  1. I will observe and obey all present and future rules and policies of Labor Depot LLC. Labor Depot LLC reserves the right to change or add to these policies with or without notice.
  2. Labor Depot LLC is authorized to use any information in my application and/or resume verifying all statements investigating my work and personal history, and I hereby release past employers, all references and any other persons answering questions concerning my ability, character, reputation, and previous employment record.
  3. Omission of information is considered a falsification of documentation and may result in termination.
  4. If employed, I agree to authorize any physician who has ever examined or treated me or who shall do so in the future, to give Labor Depot LLC a complete record of his or her findings and opinions.
  5. If employed, I understand that my employment may be terminated AT-WILL, either by myself or Labor Depot LLC at any time with or without notice or cause. There have been no statements, agreements, promises, representations or understandings made by any officer, employee, or agent of Labor Depot LLC inconsistent with this acknowledgment form. I understand that my employment being terminable at will, and if terminated, Labor Depot LLC shall be liable only for any wages, salary, or benefits that I have earned up to and including the date of termination. My signature further acknowledges this is not a contract for employment.
  6. I hereby consent to medical or drug/alcohol tests, including, but not limited to, a urine test and/or blood test and I authorized the release and disclosure of the results of any such test to Labor Depot LLC for its use and internal communication. I release and fully discharge Labor Depot LLC any doctor(s), laboratory or facility which performs any such tests for the disclosure of such information to my Labor Depot LLC.
  7. I understand that drug and/or alcohol use on a job site or prior to my shift will not be tolerated. I fully indemnify Labor Depot LLC from any and all damage or injury caused or connected to my usage of either.
  8. I understand that Labor Depot LLC may require that I work overtime, shift work, or rotating schedules which are not limited to a Monday through Friday schedule.
  9. I understand that Labor Depot LLC reserves the right to search any areas or things on company or customer premises, including, but not limited to lockers, lunch boxes, briefcases, packages, personal belongings, parking lots, and vehicles.
  10. In the event of employment with Labor Depot LLC I agree that any charges against me representing the fair value of tools, clothes, or any and every other form of property belonging to Labor Depot LLC shall be satisfied by me prior to the termination of my employment. If such charges are not satisfied prior to the termination of my employment, I agree that such charges may be deducted from any monies due to me from Labor Depot LLC.
  11. It is the policy of Labor Depot LLC to keep applications on file for a period of 1 year after the last shift worked. I understand that if I want to be actively considered beyond that period, I will need to apply with Labor Depot LLC again.
  12. I understand that regular attendance is an essential function of all jobs at Labor Depot LLC and this document, when completed and signed becomes the property of Labor Depot LLC.
  13. I understand that personal hygiene is important. I understand that I am responsible for bathing daily and wearing deodorant. Not tending to hygiene/grooming is a terminable offense.
  14. Employees are not allowed to smoke or use smokeless tobacco inside the building or in a company vehicle. I understand I shall not smoke on a job site unless I am on an official break from duty.
  15. Labor Depot LLC will loan tools, equipment, gear, personal protective equipment as required. Any items not returned in good order, normal wear and tear excepted, shall be deducted from the employee’s paycheck.
I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above statements and that all information given by me in my employment application is true and complete in all respects. I also agree that if employed and it is found that any information is false or misleading in any way, I may be subject to termination without notice.
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